10 Easy Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Music

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Whether your ceremony takes place on the beach, at a fancy country club or in the privacy and intimacy of your own back yard, your wedding day is sure to be one of the most important and memorable days of your life. And while it is easy to get caught up in the minutiae, and the endless expense of planning the big day, some elements are arguably more important than others.

When it comes to planning a wedding, focusing on the big things, like the deliciousness of the food and the spectacular wedding cake, makes a lot of sense. The same is true of the music, and the quality of the songs you choose will resonate long after your guests have gone back home and you have headed off to your honeymoon. With that in mind, here are 10 fun tips for choosing the perfect music for your wedding day.

1. Decide on how or where you’ll keep your music planning notes. For some a Google Docs file is an easy way to keep everyone updated. Just about everyone has at least one Gmail account. Dropbox or Spotify are also great options where you and your future spouse can share song ideas.

Ask your DJ if they have a planning portal or an app where you can keep all of your choices organized. This way your DJ can be in the loop of any changes

2. Make a list of special songs. From the song that was playing in the background when you had your first kiss to the song with lyrics that reflect your love and devotion. It may be your favorite song to sing – along with each other on a road trip. There are tunes that are meaningful to you and your soon to be spouse. Now is the time to make a list of those songs, so you can get your marriage off on the perfect note.

3. Make it about the two of you. When choosing your ceremony music you can go for the traditional Classical style, or non-traditional. Sometimes there is a mixture of the two that works well; however, we’ve seen a trend in non-traditional covers of popular songs like the ones found here. Express your love story through music as you see fit.

4. Cocktail hour isn’t just the time for everyone to catch up and snack on some delicious hors d’oeuvres. This is the perfect time to set a tone or theme to your wedding celebration. Almost anything goes here. Whether you want to have cover songs played, eras of music (think 60’s- 70’s, 80’s pop, or 90’s R&B), or even some country that may not be upbeat and danceable for later in the evening.

5. Create a “do not play” list. This list may be the most important part of planning with your DJ. When it comes to wedding music the songs and artists that do not get played can be just as important as the ones that do. From songs with inappropriate lyrics to songs you simply can’t stand for one reason or another. Take a minute to think about the songs you would never want to hear on your big day and share them with your DJ.

6. Let’s face it some music is just explicit, it’s up to you and your spouse if you want to request your DJ to play those types of songs at your wedding. Some DJ’s or companies will not per their policies, even some venues have rules regarding this.

Will there be kids there? Will any older guests feel uncomfortable and decide to leave early? These are things to take into account. On the same note a lot of today’s music is readily available edited and or not explicit at all. There is a lot of great music to be played and heard.

7. Ask your DJ what they have played or seen work at other weddings or events recently. Of course, you don’t want your reception to sound exactly like another but you also don’t want an empty dance floor and guests sitting or leaving early when you should be dancing and creating memories.

8. Choose what works. Sometimes your favorite song maybe by an undiscovered artist or a unique remix that you love to work out to, and that’s great! However often times those obscure songs don’t translate well to a reception dance floor where most of your quests would prefer familiarity.

9. What was that one song? What song really got everyone going at the last family gathering, college party, or vacation where everyone was singing a verse or you made a dance routine to. Those are the moments you’ll want your DJ to help create and your photographer to capture.

10. Why not choose a last song. Whether it’s a slow song to dance one more time to on your big day, a classic sing-along, or your favorite EDM banger. A great DJ can read a crowd, but you and your spouse usually know your guests better than your DJ does. So send them home (or to the afterparty) with awesome memories of an epic night with ONE MORE SONG!

Planning the perfect wedding is a huge task, the music part should be simplified when hiring a professional. They have seen and experienced a lot and are there to help you. You shouldn’t need to hand pick every song especially for your reception. Giving your DJ a musical guide should be all that’s necessary, however everyone works differently. Be sure to ask questions in regards to planning when choosing your entertainment.

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